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CEO & Founder

Ron Biggs, a Cleveland, OH native, graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1993 with an Associat e Degree in Music/Video Business. He furthered his education by attending and graduating from Duque sne University in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. Passion driven, Mr. Reid has been involved in the music/entertainment industry for more than 10 years, beginning with College Radio at St. Michael College in Burlington, VT. He, along with partners from Gee Money Productions as well as Arrogant Entertainment, worked with a variety of artists in the New Engla nd area with production, artist development, and showcases including the MTV sponsored “ 2004 Rock t he Vote” tour. In 2005, with the focus of debuting independent artists in hip hop, and later other genres such as jazz an d alternative, Ron developed Versitile Entertainment.

After working with artists nationwide, Ron began to take note of the evolving industry changes and made a decision to reevaluate his approach. Having b een involved heavily on the production and artist development spectrum, Ron gained interest in the busi ness strategies prevalent within the industry. In 2011, Ron became the Director of Marketing for Nisha Management, working not only with independ ent artists, but small businesses worldwide. Ron’s expertise in networking strategies, as well as effective communication, has gained respect from individuals across the globe.

His professionalism and stellar co nnections has enabled him to take Versitile Entertainment to a whole new level, showcasing artists not a s individuals, but as business entities. Versitile Entertainment has emerged stronger and better than ever. Versitile Entertainment has represe nted some of the finest in the industry, including DJ Carmel Love and Mz Kat Prime Time, as well as affili ations with Realistik Records, Nisha Management, Gee Money Productions, and DJ Sleep EZ. DJ Carmel L ove, radio show host at and owner of Hostile Magazine with over 50k circulation worldw ide, is one of the most respected female DJ’s in the industry.

A tenured businesswoman, DJ Carmel Love has played a major role in the independent artist movement for more than 20 years, bringing showcase s and conferences worldwide.


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