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CokeBoy Brock


DaQuawn Brockington a Bronx, New York rapper and songwriter better known as Coke Boy Brock. Brock is making some serious noise both online and in the streets after dropping his mixtape “The Blackout”.

Born October 22, 1986 in the Tremont area of the Bronx, Brock got well acquainted with the hustle at a young age. Keeping his experiences and struggles bottled up. At the age of 16, Brock got with a few friends and decided he would rap to get his thoughts and feelings out. His hobby soon turned into a skill that he would later perfect. To help pass time Brock started to help put out the Cocaine City DVD with childhood friend French Montana. Unfortunately in 2006 Brock got arrested. During his incarceration Brock took time to develop his writing and rhyming skills. Being released in August 2008 Brock was introduced to Max B. Brock and max B had an instant bond and became more like brothers. Constantly being in the studio with Max B and French Montana, Brock learned a lot and further sharpened his skills.

Today with his sarcastic flow and impeccable rhyming style Brock pulls his inspiration from everyone who is a part of the Coke Boy movement; which is more like a family. Brock is currently working on some mixtapes and helping the Coke Boys takeover the music industry. Be on the lookout for more from Coke Boy Brock.


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